Acceptance of Transfer Credit in the Graduate Program

Fisk University will accept a maximum of six (6) graduate credit hours in course work from an accredited institution that offers at least the M.A. degree. Students must have earned a minimum grade of “B” or better in a course to request the transfer of course hours. Hours from accepted transfer courses must have been above and beyond those needed for an earned undergraduate degree. Any courses requested for transfer must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies for the Program, the Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Registrar’s Office. The Director of Graduate Studies, in consultation with the relevant Department Chair, will determine whether the courses substantially match courses offered at Fisk in level and content. Denial of transfer credit by the Graduate Program Director ends the request. The Registrar has ultimate responsibility for all student academic records and will verify the credentials of the institution from which the transfer credit is sought. The transfer credit policy does not apply to schools that are a part of the consortium to which Fisk is a member or other institutions where formal agreements exist for the graduate program, where the transfer of credits may be automatic. Under these circumstances, students should consult with the appropriate Director of Graduate Studies for their program.