Behaviors Expected of our Graduate Trainees

Graduate students must comply with all of the requirements for student behavior outlined in the Undergraduate Student Handbook. Of particular note, however, is that Fisk University does not condone and will not tolerate inappropriate conduct toward any individual based on a person’s skin color, ethnicity, or national origin. It should go without saying that at an HBCU, racial misconduct is unacceptable and prohibited. Such racial misconduct includes but is not limited to jokes, pictures, inappropriate racial comments, slurs, objects, threats, physical assaults, intimidation, unequal application of policies, and unequal or biased grading. Our policy also encompasses offensiveness and misconduct that does not reach the level of racism but that is sufficiently severe and pervasive that it rises to the level of racial harassment or discrimination. All members of the campus community are encouraged to reflect upon the issue of racial misconduct as it directly affects the lives and conducts of others.