Tuition and Fees

A graduate student is classified as full-time if enrolled for nine or more credits (See Student Classifications). A graduate student, whether a master's candidate, a student in graduate standing, or a conditional graduate student, may be enrolled on a part-time basis only with the permission of the Director of Graduate Studies and approval by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Full graduate tuition is charged for 9-12 hours of graduate level courses (or a combination of undergraduate and graduate level courses). Students enrolled for more than twelve credit hours (overloads) are charged at the current rate of tuition per credit hour for Fisk University.

Financial assistance is available to qualified students through tuition waivers granted by the University and through graduate student stipends/research assistantships funded by various grants and contracts to the University or to Fisk University faculty members.

Students who receive fulltime stipend support are not permitted, based on the mandates of the Federal funding for these stipends, to engage in part-time or any outside work; the basis for the stipend funding is to permit students to focus fully on their learning and research discovery.

Part-time students or students without stipend funding will need to identify a source of living expenses; non-research related work should be reviewed with the thesis advisor and Director of Graduate Studies for the program in which the student is enrolled to make sure that the work schedule allows realistic completion of course or research expectations.