How to Formally Register Graduate Student Complaints:

The complaint process for graduate trainees at Fisk closely mirrors that for undergraduate student complaints ( A Formal Graduate Trainee Complaint Form is available in the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Different situations lead to the submission of the Complaint Form to different Offices.

For Criminal Complaints:

The completed form should be taken to the Office of Campus Safety in a sealed envelope addressed to: Director of Public Safety, CONFIDENTIAL.

For Academic Complaints:

The completed form should be taken to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and labeled: Office of the Graduate Dean, CONFIDENTIAL. The following process will then be pursued: The Dean of Graduate Studies will call together the trainee making the complaint and involved faculty as well as the Director of Graduate Studies for the program in which the graduate trainee is enrolled. A goal of this meeting is to identify a solution(s) to the complaint and to clarify, simultaneously, any communication deficiencies that are contributing to the complaint. The Graduate Dean will summarize the conversation and decided-on next steps to those in attendance in the conversation and will also inform the Provost of the complaint and its process for resolution. At the time of resolution, the Dean of Graduate Studies will prepare a summary memorandum to the student, faculty participants in the early conversation, and to the Dean. A copy will be maintained as a part of the graduate trainee’s portfolio for their future use, if needed. If the graduate trainee want to pursue the complaint further after the attempted resolution by the Dean of Graduate Studies, then the graduate trainee is encouraged to report the complaint and response to date in writing to the Office of the Provost in a document taken to the Office of the Provost in a sealed envelope and labeled CONFIDENTIAL.

SACSCOC Complaint Process

Fisk University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The SACSCOC should be contacted only on matters related to any significant non-compliance with the Commission's standards, policies, or procedures related to accreditation. Information regarding the SACSCOC complaint process can be found on the SACSCOC website (