Student Classification

As a graduate student at Fisk University, you are expected to comply with all of the Students’ Standards of Conduct, as well as benefit from the Students’ Rights, that are in the Fisk University Student Handbook and posted on the Fisk Website at, pp 18-40.

Graduate Classification

Graduate Classification is in general given to students who have already earned a bachelor's degree. Students in graduate standing are those who have been admitted for study leading toward the Master of Arts degree.

Graduate Special Students

Graduate Special Students are those who hold bachelor's degrees and are enrolled in the University but have not been admitted for study toward the Master's degree and may or may not intend to seek degree candidacy. Graduate special students often enroll in order to pursue undergraduate courses required as prerequisites to full graduate standing, and must have the permission of the instructor for enrollment in any courses at the graduate level (numbered 500 or above). Graduate special students also may wish to pursue studies in those Fisk departments that do not offer the master's degree.

Conditional Graduate Standing

Conditional Graduate Standing is primarily used for students who seek a graduate degree but have not met the normal requirements for full graduate standing. Students in conditional graduate standing may seek full graduate standing when the deficiencies have been corrected. Special conditions may apply to students in this status. They are expected to attain a 3.0 GPA or better and may, in addition, be expected to pass a particular required course or demonstrate proficiency in a particular subject, in order to be placed in full graduate standing at the end of one semester of study. Ordinarily, students may remain in conditional standing for no more than one semester.

Full-time graduate students

Full-time graduate students are enrolled for nine or more credits. Graduate students carrying fewer than nine credits are also regarded as full-time, however, if they are enrolled for Thesis Research or Thesis Preparation, or if they are engaged in an approved graduate practicum. A graduate student, whether a Master's candidate, a student in graduate standing, or a conditional graduate student, may be enrolled on a part-time basis only with the permission of the Graduate Program and approval by the Dean for Graduate Studies.

Master’s Candidates

Master’s Candidates are those who have completed approximately half of the requirements for the M.A. degree and have been formally admitted to degree candidacy and to thesis research by the graduate faculty of the particular graduate program.