Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

A student may request to withdraw from their program of study at any time during a study period. In some cases, the student will ask to delay commencement or continuation of course studies normally to the start of the next study period. Students must notify the Dean of Graduate Studies in writing stating the reason for their request; it is assumed that this withdrawal will first have been discussed with the thesis supervisor as well as with the Director of Graduate Studies of the Program.

A Leave of Absence in good standing may be granted for a variety of reasons to students wishing to interrupt their studies at Fisk and request time away from the University. Students wishing leave for a specified period must obtain the withdrawal form from the Office of the Registrar. Upon approval by Dean of Graduate Studies and the Provost, the student must specify a time period during which the leave of absence will be valid. Upon conclusion of the leave or at any time thereafter, the student may return by making formal application for re-admission. Students who depart from the University without obtaining the permission of the Provost may be denied permission to re-enter.

Students on leave of absence will not be granted credit for college work done out of residence, unless they have received prior approval from the Provost. A student who takes a leave of absence in good standing receives grades according to normal Fisk grading practices.

Students unable to officially withdraw from the University due to an emergency (illness, death in the immediate family, military deployment, etc.) must submit a written statement of the emergency to the Dean for Graduate Studies, the Provost, the Vice President of Student Life, or the Director of University Counseling Services, Dr. Sheila Peters. If the student is incapacitated, any of the above individuals can submit a letter on behalf of the student based on communication received from the student’s parents, family, etc., stating the effective withdrawal date to the Office of the Registrar.


The Graduate School Council has the right to dismiss a student if the conditions for re-admittance are not met within the allocated period. Absence for more than two years may require the student to prepare a new study plan meeting new requirements as amended since the student’s initial matriculation.


The University reserves the right to withdraw students from the University in response to serious misbehavior or misconduct. These students’ academic records will reflect “WA” (Withdrawn Administratively) for all enrolled courses. Please note, financial aid adjustments will occur for recipients receiving Federal Financial Aid withdrawn administratively before the 60% point in the semester.