Data Science - M.A.

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Courses Requirements for Data Science Program: Total Credits: 32


Requirement Master of Arts (M.A.) credit hours
Breadth Requirements 16
Elective Courses 12
Professional Development 4
Thesis Research None
Overall Requirements 32


Breadth Requirements (16 credits)

At least one (1) course from each of the following four (4) categories:

Breadth 1: Programming and Algorithms

  • DSCI 501 -  Programming and Algorithms for Data Science, 4 credits
  • DSCI 521 -  Data Visualization, 3 credits

Breadth 2: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • DSCI 580 - Machine Learning – 4 credits 

Breadth 3: Data Mining/Database Systems

  • DSCI 512 - Advanced Database Management Systems, 4 credits
  • DSCI 581 - Natural Language Processing, 3 credits

Breadth 4: Statistical Analysis

  • NSCI 550 - Statistical Analysis for Life Sciences, 4 credits

Also, any other related course, approved by the Director of Graduate Studies in Data Science, can replace the courses in the above four (4) breadth areas.

Elective Course Work (12 credits for MA)
The students need to complete elective graduate level courses in any data science relevant areas. These areas include, but not limited to: Programming & Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Mining/Database Systems, Statistical Analysis, HCI /Graphics, Cloud computing, Information Science, Numerical Analysis, Software Engineering, Parallel Computing, or Internet of Things.

Professional Development (at least 4 credits for MA)

The student completes professional development courses:

  • NSCI 593 – Professional Skills for Graduate Studies I, 0.5 credit hours
  • NSCI 594 – Professional Skills for Graduate Studies II, 0.5 credit hours
  • DSCI 590 – Journal Club, 1 credit
  • DSCI 594 – Literature Review, 1 credit
  • DSCI 595 – Manuscript Writing, 1 credit


Thesis Research is not required for MA.

Year 1 - Fall

NSCI 593Professional Skills for Graduate Study


DSCI 590Graduate Data Science Journal Club


DSCI 594Literature Review


DSCI 501Programming and Algorithms for Data Science


NSCI 550Statistical Analysis for Life Sciences


Total Credit Hours:10

Year 1 - Summer

DSCI 516Data Curation


Total Credit Hours:3

Year 2 - Fall

DSCI 521Data Visualization


DSCI 581Natural Language Processing


DSCI 591Thesis Research


Total Credit Hours:9

Year 1 - Spring

NSCI 594Literature Review


DSCI 512Advanced Database Management


DSCI 580Advanced Machine Learning


DSCI 590Graduate Data Science Journal Club


DSCI 595Manuscript Writing


Total Credit Hours:10

Total Credit Hours: 32


Graduate students in the Data Science program must identify and acquire a graduate advisor no later than the latter part of the Fall semester of the first year of matriculation. The graduate student and advisor will develop a specified plan that will include courses and other graduation requirements during the duration of graduate program of study. Full-time graduate students are required to complete their course work by the end of their fourth semester in the program.